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Reblog if you actually give a shit about anyone who’s suicidal or depressed.

no one should scroll past this


let’s play a little game called am i sexually frustrated, romantically frustrated, or both?

Found This In My Wallet from 2/11/14

My body is aching

My soul is crying

My addiction in the making

My being is dying

Can’t go without a fix

Always itching, always burning

Trying to make my own mix

the gears in my mind are churning

It started with popping

Now searching for dope

With no intentions of stopping

This is how I cope

I’m a slave to my disease

I’m no longer in control

Taking 12 shots with ease

I’m falling down the hole

I feel like i’ve tried

I’ve tried with my whole heart

I know that i have lied

Now its tearing me apart

I am surrounded by “saints”

Who will never understand

what it’s like to be free 

a safe haven, the Holy Land

Please don’t try to save

A fucked up person like me

I know I will lie to you

I want to stay, be free

I know I’ll never quit

I know i won’t submit

I’ll just take another hit

While you go take a sit

I’ve succesfully thrown away

The pople who love and care

The one’s who said they’d stay

The one’s who are not there

They watch me go downhill

While I hear death calling

Just pop another pill

Just continue falling 


My feelings towards going to rehab drastically change every minute. Idk what to do anymore…